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Olivia Catanio

It took 10 years of her praying for me and 18 years of the Lord’s consistent pursuit for me to finally say yes. Now Kristen is one of my best friends and Jesus is the best person I’ve ever known. 

Student StoryOlivia Catanio

Kristal Garcia

He was with me the whole time. Even when I didn't know it. 

Student StoryKristal Garcia

Billy Frederick

I know it's cliché to say I went through a trial and God spoke to me, but that's how He got my attention.

Student StoryBilly Frederick

Justin Rossberg

I'm a sinner and I know I'm not perfect, but Jesus came for people like me. He came to save the lost and bring them home.

Student StoryJustin Rossberg

Luke Hibbs

I was believing the lie that God needs me, God doesn't need me but still uses me anyways.

Student StoryLuke Hibbs

Cru Santa Barbara

We are learning - together - what it truly means to bring our lives under the Lordship of Jesus. 

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