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Brazil Details

Packing List


    • Printed eVisa

    • Passport (expiration date must be at least 6 months after you depart from Brazil)

    • Yellow Fever Immunization records

    • SOS:

      • Read the email from Grace Lara from the Cru SOS Team on 6/7/18.

      • print the attached SOS Card.

      • Click the link "Cru Staff Full Time, Part Time, Self Supported, Emeritus".

      • Digitally "sign" the DocuSign documents.

  • Clothing

    • Casual Clothes

      • shorts and tanks are normal and we will be in a beach city so should be pretty similar to southern CA.

    • Long sleeves and pants

      • it will still be cool in the evenings, potentially, and AC in lots of buildings. 

    • Good shoes to walk in

      • we will be on campuses and around town several days so bring sandals and walking shoes. 

    • Bathing suit

    • Beach towels may not be included at the resort

  • Electronics

    • Cheap phone

      • It could be helpful if you have a cheap phone that you can bring, but not a requirement. 

      • *** One think that I've have heard is to not flaunt your phone/wealth/cameras. Be discreet with your phone and such.***

    • Computer or a tablet

      • There will be some handouts but a lot of discussion and need to engage with the material, questions to write down and probably some online materials you can look at for some sessions. 

    • God Tools

      • It is in Portuguese! Could be helpful to have that in your pocket.  

    • WhatsApp

      • If you are not on there yet download it! We know who you are because your name doesn't come up when we try to add you, so please jump on this week.  This is the primary way we will communicate once we are in country and the main app for Brazilian communication.

  • Other

    • Bug spray

      • deet if you are into it...there will be bugs

      • found out that 20% is good for kiddos

      • adults is your discretion up to 50%

    • Soularium

      • We will do one evangelistic outreach on campus but we will basically be supporting a student movement in what they already have planned but could be nice to have a few sets with us.

      • We will primarily be doing decoding, exploring and KVC on campus. 

    • Bible, Journal, Pen

    • Toiletries

    • Anything else you like to travel with

  • Plug adapters:

    • I just purchased these (below) on Amazon.  There may be better ones out there but I think these should be fine.

Things to do now...

Cell Phones:

  • Call your cell phone carrier and ask about a data/text/calling plan while out of the U.S.  You will need data if you request an Uber (correct me if I'm wrong.)  I would recommend talking to a human to set this up to find the best deal for your needs.

Credit Cards:

  • Call the phone number on the back of each credit card you will be using out of the U.S. (MinistryCard, personal, etc) and tell a human the dates you'll be out of the U.S.  Or there may be an online option to set this up depending on your credit card company.


  • Download your Uber app now if you haven't already and insert your credit card number so you are good to do when you land in country.  I'd also type the address of your hotel(s) into the "Notes" section of your phone in case you can't get online and need to hail a cab.

Other information...


Arrive & Depart:

  • Arrive Monday June 18th

  • Content starts Tuesday June 19th

  • Fly out anytime Sunday July 1st

Flight Info:

  • Search your Google Sheets "Brazil Flight/Travel Info"


  • $800 +/- in country expenses (housing, group travel, group outings, trainings, supplies, presenters, etc)

  • Food- you can either take per diem (not including breakfast as its included in the hotel) or actual costs  (As with any trip as staff)  There may be a few meals all together but many of our meals you will just do on your own. 

  • $ for Personal fun and/or travel on free days

  • Flight, visa and all that stuff.


  • (as of 6/5/18)  If you haven't started the visa application process yet, don't  use since it may take up to 8 business days.

  • Use VSF Global which hopefully will only take 5 business days.  

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